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0% House Edge Slots,
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Best Ever 0% house edge Casino.

Meaning you have 50-50 chance to win. It's All Up To Your Luck!

Zero Edge - Revolutionary Casino Where Everyone Wins!

Zero Edge provides players with a chance to play in an online casino which has 0% house edge. This is truly revolutionary as it implies that the house doesn’t have any edge in winning the game. Players can play in games in which they have a fair chance to win with 0% edge to the house.

We believe that this is a unique value proposition which will attract more and more players to the Zero Edge online casino. Usually, casinos have 1–2 % house edge, so over time irrespective of how well a player plays, the casino will take this percentage for themselves. At Zero Edge, players don’t have to worry about this. Having 0% house edge will attract increasing number of players to the Zero Edge platform. Also, as the early players play in Zero Edge, they will see a visible difference in their earnings. We expect that this would spread word of mouth about Zero Edge, as the initial players tell their friends about the platform which provides them a much better chance of winning more money.

This model is disruptive because players will not only won’t lose their money playing in a 0% edge casino, but they will also increase their wealth due to the increased price of ZERO tokens.