How to Start Playing in Bitcoin Casino: Beginner’s Guide

Gambling for Bitcoins attracts players for many reasons. Bitcoin casinos can provide an unprecedented level of anonymity and security to their clients. Now, the best crypto casinos offer no fewer quality games and services than any web casino has.  

But how to start using Bitcoins in a casino? The following guide is for beginners who would like to try crypto gambling. Here, one is sure to find answers to questions like these:

  • Where to buy Bitcoins? 
  • Which crypto wallets to choose? 
  • How should one pick a Bitcoin casino for themselves? 
  • How to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins on a casino platform? 

Below, we do nothing but share our experiences. So, these are solutions that do work in reality.

Step 1. Selecting a Bitcoin Exchange

There is nothing simpler than getting registered with a crypto casino and starting playing with BTC on it. But what if one does not have any? No problem. Today, there is a huge number of so-called crypto exchange sites where traders buy and sell all sorts of cryptocurrencies. The most famous of them are: 

We purchased some BTC on Bitstamp. The other two are also great options. However, one should factor in that Coinbase is a beginner-friendly site while Kraken requires certain skills in trading crypto coins. 


Headquartered in San Francisco, the exchange has been in service since 2013. According to Kraken website, the key benefits of it are its very low fees and the ability to trade BTC together with many other altcoins. The platform supports SWIFT and SEPA for wire or bank transfers. However, depositing via a credit card is not allowed.  


Coinbase was also launched in San Francisco in 2012. Here, SEPA is supported across the European Union. One can use bank/wire transfers as well as debit/credit cards for deposits. 


The exchange has offices in Luxembourg, the UK, Slovenia, the USA, and Singapore. The platform has been present in the market since 2011. It accepts credit cards and supports SEPA in the EU. Wire transfers are available across the globe.  

Buying Bitcoins from Bitstamp

In our guide, we are going to describe the process of getting Bitcoins by the example of Bitstamp. However, it might be quite similar when conducted on any other crypto exchange. Any requires registration, so the steps any exchange user should take are as follows. 

  1. Register with the crypto exchange. 
  2. Verify the newly-created account. 
  3. Use a bank card or wire transfer to place fiat money on the account. 
  4. Purchase Bitcoins using Instant Buy when the exchange rate is good. 
  5. Place an order with the desired price and wait till some trader accepts it and agrees to buy the necessary amount of BTC at the required price. 

Now, let us have a more detailed overview of how Bitcoins are bought on Bitstamps. 

Bitstamp site

Paying with Credit Cards at Bitstamp

To buy Bitcoins easily and fast, opt for Card Purchase in the Deposit menu of the exchange. Set the fiat money currency, crypto coin type, and its amount in a single click. The system can complete the purchase in seconds when it is processed via the Instant Buy option. Here, the price at which users trade cryptocurrency is determined by the platform. Like on every exchange platform, a small fee is applied for the operation on Bitstamp. 

Using Bank Transfer at Bitstamp

Bank transfer requires more time to deposit cash onto the Bitstamp account. It is usually processed within 24 hours; however, the operation can take no more than a couple of hours. It is necessary to correctly fulfill the bank transfer form. When fiat cash is on Bitstamp, Bitcoins can be purchased through the Markets menu. Here, a trading order is created.  

The safest way for a beginner is to choose the Instant order. That is, indicate the fiat currency that needs to be exchanged into Bitcoins, while the price is fixed by the platform. 

Trading Euros/US Dollars to Bitcoins

The Instant Order option is a convenient thing for newbies. However, Bitstamp clients are free to trade BTC and altcoins at their own price by placing their personal orders. While creating a Limit order, the Bitcoin buyer indicates the amount they want to get as well as the price at which they expect to get it. 

In the form where an order is created, there are prompts at recent prices, the popularity of which is shown in percentages. One can base their price on them. When someone gets interested in selling Bitcoins at this price, the deal is closed. The purchased Bitcoins can be seen in the Account menu. Simply click on Overview to check the balance. 

Step 2. Choosing a Bitcoin Wallet

Exchanges can be used for storing BTC or altcoins, that is true. Another fact is that sometimes, they do not support cryptocurrency transfers to gambling sites. But even if they do, most experts advise crypto gamblers to open their own crypto wallets and move their Bitcoins there. The key advantage is that the personal wallet owner only decides what to do with their crypto coins and fully controls them. 

All crypto wallets can be subdivided into two groups: there are software BTC wallets and hardware BTC wallets. These latter require specific equipment to be installed. Moreover, certain skills are necessary to maintain such a wallet. Unlike it, a software wallet can be easily set up and run on whatever device, including mobile gadgets. That is why this variant is more beginner-friendly, and we recommend choosing a software crypto wallet at the initial stages of dealing with Bitcoins. 

Which Bitcoin Wallet for iPhone and Android to Choose

There are numerous crypto wallets that even a newbie in Bitcoin trading can start using in no time. Today, there is no point in using a crypto wallet that does not work on mobile gadgets. So, mobile compatibility is the key option that defines the popularity of this or that brand. Let us list the top preferred of them: 

  • Jaxx 
  • Mycelium 
  • BRD 
Jaxx wallet

These brands can easily be found in the App Store and Google Play Market. Each of them is simple to install and manage on any iPhone or Android gadget. Crypto users prefer them because of their simplicity and reliability. 

BRD Bitcoin Wallet for iPhone and Android

Let us observe how a typical good Bitcoin wallet works on a mobile device using the example of BRD. This brand was formerly called Breadwallet. To start, one does not need to create any accounts. However, the software has a number of security measures, such as the ability to apply face authentication and the option of a 12-word recovery phrase besides a regular 6-digit password. This makes the wallet secure enough for storing, selling, and buying BTC and other crypto coins. 

Like in all other wallets, any transaction is made with the use of a special address. Mind that there always be a small transaction fee charged by the network. Follow up to get a more detailed overview of how Bitcoin operations are done via a crypto wallet like BRD. 

Step 3. Moving Bitcoins to the Wallet

Once again, to deposit Bitcoins in crypto casinos, it is recommended to use an intermediary Bitcoin wallet. This guide describes the process of moving BTC from the Bitstamp exchange to the BDR crypto wallet, and it can be used as a common pattern. 

  1. Open the Bitcoin menu in BDR and tap Receive
  2. Copy the Receive Address given on the screen (This is a long-long set of numbers and letters generated uniquely for each user of BDR). 
  3. Proceed to Bitstamp and open Withdrawals and then Cryptocurrency
  4. Opt for BTC and paste the Bitcoin deposit address copied in BDR. 
  5. Define the sum to move from Bitstamp to BDR. 
  6. Press the Authenticate and Withdraw button. 
  7. Check the receipt of the transferred BTC in BDR. 

Normally, the operation takes just a few minutes. However, it depends on Blockchain traffic and may be completed in up to half an hour. 

Step 4. Picking the Right Bitcoin Casino

Now, everything is ready for visiting a Bitcoin casino and playing in it with BTC. But at this point, another question arises: which Bitcoin casinos are trusty? Well, here, you can read more detailed reviews of the top casinos that support Bitcoin gambling. 

Within this guide, only key features important for selecting a great Bitcoin casino are to be found. They are divided into two categories: regular and provably fair. The guide also introduces the names of several top brands ensuring high-class crypto gambling for their clients in both categories. 

Regular Bitcoin Casinos

Let us call a Bitcoin casino regular when it accepts crypto gamblers, that is, allows them to play for BTC or altcoins. However, such gambling sites are common web casinos with a bigger or smaller number of typical casino games like slots, jackpots, roulette, etc. 

When evaluating a game library of a crypto casino, one should not only pay attention to the number of titles but also check their developers (the full guide on Bitcoin casino software providers is available here (внутренняя ссылка). The content should be diverse. It should include top well-known and innovative brands, for instance: 

  • Microgaming; 
  • NetEnt; 
  • Yggdrasil; 
  • IGT; 
  • Pragmatic Play; 
  • Playtech; 
  • Booming Games and several others. 

Platforms that collaborate with such reputed game developers are licensed and safe registering on and using their services. These casinos offer various bonuses and promotions to their new and seasoned clients. Here, you can read more about how casino bonuses work. 

Need examples of great online casinos with Bitcoin options? Well, take some top-reliable names: 

These and other regular Bitcoin casinos represent the most admired type. They have huge game selections as well as support numerous payment solutions, which sometimes can be very convenient. And, yes, they offer regular promos and bonuses, which sometimes are lucrative for players. When searching for such an offer, do not miss the Best Bitcoin casino bonuses listed in a single guide. 

Finally, their services can go beyond casino games and include such options as a Sportsbook or Live Dealer Casino. When interested, follow this link to get the latest Bitcoin sports betting guide (внутренняя ссылка). 

Provably Fair Bitcoin Casinos and Dice Sites

A provably fair casino is a platform that offers games based on a provably fair algorithm that uses blockchain technology to boost the fairness of games. Such gambling sites cannot boast huge game libraries with thousands of titles, which is often the case with regular crypto casinos. Still, such crypto casinos have their fans. Examples of provably fair casinos include brands like these: 


This site has been in service since 2014. Its game library contains eight provably fair games, but they are really worth your while. These are slots, dice, blackjack, and others.  

This site started its operation in 2017. Now it unites over 500K of crypto gamblers all over the globe. Its twelve games include Mines, video poker, dice, blackjack, and many more. Even crypto keno can be played on this platform. 


This website for crypto gamblers was launched in 2013. Although it offers only one provably fair game (dice), it has a stably huge audience. The reason is that the site has a record low house edge and supports six crypto coins. 

But these crypto casino types are still not all options a Bitcoin gambler can have. Let us overview Bitcoin-only regular casinos. 

Bitcoin-Only or Cryptocurrency-Only Online Casinos

Cryptocurrency-only casinos are regular online casinos with huge selections of games, bonuses, and other options available in a typical web casino of these times, but they only accept Bitcoin deposits or those placed in other crypto coins.  

One should deposit cryptocurrency to play any slot or board game on such a platform. Crypto coins are automatically converted into dollars or euros so that one can place common bets in all the games available. In some of the casinos of this type, withdrawals in cryptocurrency are also supported. In this case, the winnings in dollars or euros are converted back to crypto coins. 

Step 5. How to Deposit Bitcoins to the Casino Account

Making deposits in whatever currency on a casino account is very simple. This is always a similar procedure, no matter which type of casino it is. When wanting to transfer some BTC to their casino account, crypto gamblers should take the following steps: 

  1. Get registered with the chosen Bitcoin casino. 
  2. Open the casino’s Cashier and tap the Deposit menu. 
  3. Copy the address given on the screen. 
  4. Go to the crypto wallet where the Bitcoins are stored. 
  5. Click on Bitcoin and opt for the Send menu. 
  6. There’s a line with “To.” Paste the copied address there. 
  7. Then, specify the amount of BTC to transfer to the casino balance. 
  8. Press the Send button to complete the payment. 

The processing time is mainly about several minutes. When Bitcoins are transferred, the gambler can start playing immediately. 

Step 6. How to Withdraw Bitcoin Winnings from a BTC Casino

In a crypto casino, the Bitcoin withdrawal transaction is also easy and fast. This is the same procedure as a Bitcoin deposit, but it is carried out inversely. To take out their winnings, the player should take these steps: 

  1. Open their crypto wallet. 
  2. Choose Bitcoin, then opt for the Receive menu. 
  3. Then, tap the BTC address given on the screen. Thus, it is copied to the keyboard. 
  4. Go to the casino account, open the Cashier, and then go to the Withdrawal or Cash Out menu. 
  5. Determine the amount to withdraw. 
  6. Paste the copied address to the Address line. 
  7. Tap Request to complete the transaction. 

One of the main benefits of BTC and altcoins is that crypto withdrawals are as rapid as deposits. One should not wait for hours or even days to get their payouts from their crypto casino. The typical waiting time is less than half an hour. 

Enjoy Bitcoin Gambling in the Best BTC Casinos

The above guide explains everything a beginner to Bitcoin casinos should know. When knowing how to get, where to store, and how to move Bitcoins on/from the casino, one can expect a superb gaming experience with BTC. Finally, this guide contains lots of useful links that can help every punter choose the right Bitcoin platform for them. 

No matter if you are new to Bitcoin Casinos or have been playing for a long time, you might always lack some knowledge. So, the information you will find following the links below might be very useful for you.  

We have prepared answers to the list of questions that often arise among both newcomers and experienced players because the Bitcoin issue is rather new in our lives. Do you know all about Bitcoin? Or might want to understand this phenomenon better?   

Anyway, there are some things that you would, definitely, like to confirm before you start gambling. Go through our Knowledge base here: 

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