Ethereum Gambling Guide

Currently, there is a steady increase in the popularity of Ethereum gambling thanks to high-level security and anonymity. When depositing ETH, all transactions are immutable and leave no sensitive data, keeping private information safe. Also, there are almost no limits on the amount of ETH players can deposit or withdraw. Scroll down to learn more on the ETH gambling topic and choose the best Ethereum casino.  

Top Ethereum Casinos

Despite the leading position of Bitcoin, more and more gamblers switch to ETH casinos. This is due to lower transaction fees, larger Ethereum network’s block size, faster deposit placing, etc. Check out the list of legal and certified Ethereum gambling casinos provided below.

(61 ratings)
7Bit Casino was founded in 2014 and redesigned in May 2019. Its design is still quite old-school, but overall the user experience is great.
BitStarz Casino
(30 ratings)
BitStarz Bitcoin casino is an officially licensed online gaming website that is completely secure and legal. It is licensed and regulated by Antillephone NV, and registered under the laws of Curaçao.
Forest.Bet Casino
(61 ratings)
Forest.Bet operates since 2020. 7000+ casino games. Excellent support.

Etherium Bonuses

In general, bonuses and rewards which are available on Ethereum gambling sites have a few differences compared to other online platforms. The key rewards can be divided into 2 big groups:

  • deposit bonuses, which gamblers can get only after placing a certain amount of funds on their accounts; 
  • non-deposit bonuses that players can gain regardless of the amount of funds on their account.

As a rule, both of the bonuses mentioned above come with free spins. This is an option that players can activate on Etheruem casinos while playing slot games and that allows them to make a spin without placing money on the account. 

Explore the Litecoin Gambling and Games guide to learn more details about available bonuses on crypto casinos. 

Ethereum casino form

Other Ethereum Promotions

In the table below, there are other rewards players can get from ethereum gambling casinos.


This reward can be obtained in 2 cases. In the first case, players receive a default refund on a certain amount of the deposit made. In the second case, they get a refund for a certain number of failed bets.


This is one of the most popular ways casinos can attract new players without gambling experience. With the help of this reward, gamblers can try out almost any game without depositing real money and without fear of losing funds. 

If players win with bonus funds, their balance status does not change. However, in the case of a loss — the casino reimburses them.


Most casinos prefer to organize tournaments among players. As a rule, only regular casino users who have reached a certain status and constantly make a deposit can participate in such events. Speaking about the prize, often it is a valuable gift like a cruise ship tour or an expensive car.

Referral bonus

In this case, the casinos offer a one-time payment to all the newly brought players. However, suppose gamblers intend to receive not a one-time bonus but a stable percentage of the amount deposited by referrals. In that case, there is an opportunity to join the affiliate program. 

Each platform makes clients feel free to use these rewards but with their own terms and conditions. So check it out on the official website before joining.

Special rewards

Often, special bonuses involve assigning additional funds to the players’ accounts or free spins. Usually, It happens on the eve of big holidays like Halloween, New Year; client’s birthdays; casino foundation day, etc. 

As a rule, these funds come with certain wagering conditions players should fulfill.

Keep in mind that the promotions and rewards may vary depending on the platform used. So it is strongly recommended to get info about current casino offers from the official website or through the platform’s customer support

Ethereum Games

On Etherum casinos, gamblers can play roulette, dice, card and table games as on other online gambling platforms. The only difference may be in the bet sizes, which can be smaller in the case of crypto casinos. This, in turn, attracts more players. A similar situation is seen in casinos that accept other types of cryptocurrency.  

Ethereum Blackjack

This is a popular card game that is often played with a dealer. The player needs to collect a combination of cards equal to 21 (ideal outcome) or be better than the dealer has. 

Ethereum blackjack

If players have card combinations that add up to more than 21, then the bets burn out. However, if the dealer and the player have the same points, they remain bets. 

Ethereum Dice

Dice game

Perhaps, it is one of the oldest games known to humanity, which was first used in land-based casinos, and then adopted on the Ethereum gambling platforms. The most popular version of dice games is craps. During the game, the winners are determined by the results of the roll of the die. Depending on the conditions of the game, a bet can be placed on a certain winning combination or on the field where the dice land after the throw. Compared to poker or blackjack, this game is more about luck than specific skills or analytics.

Ethereum Lottery

As a rule, the lottery is always on the list of available games in any online casino. Unfortunately, even though there are strategies that allow players to get closer to getting the jackpot, the probability of winning is significantly lower than in other casino games. 

Ethereum lottery

The point is that the players need to predict a winning combination of numbers that fall out of the drum. The amount of winnings depends on how many numbers the player guessed. 

All failed bets do not burn out but replenish the total prize fund that can be played out next time. 

Ethereum Poker

Poker is one of those games that are associated not only with Ethereum gambling but with the casino industry as a whole. Currently, there are many game varieties, but the most popular of them are Hold’em, Omaha, H.O.R.S.E., Draw, Stud, which are available on any gaming platform that supports digital money. Check the Dogecoin Gambling and Games review to learn more on the topic. 

Ethereum Poker

The game’s meaning is to collect the most profitable combination of cards. The second option is to force opponents to leave the game, even if they have better cards in their hands. Unlike roulette or craps, poker requires an analytical mind and skills. That is why newbies recommend trying demo versions of the current game before placing real money bets. 

Ethereum Roulette

The meaning of the roulette game is to guess a number, a combination of numbers, a certain place on the playing field, or a color and place bets on them.

The game uses a roulette wheel and a ball that falls into a certain cell and determines the game’s outcome.

Ethereum roulette

Depending on the game’s rules (the type of the playing field, the number of zero pockets, and so on), there can be French, American, and European roulettes.

As a rule, most Ethereum gambling platforms come with all three types of games. The same situation is with BTC gambling platforms. It is possible to check from the Bitcoin Gambling Guide.

Ethereum Slots

The slot is the number one entertainment on any gaming site, both involving players and deposit volumes. 

Ethereum Slots

The meaning of the game is to activate the rotation of the reels. The outcome is determined by combining symbols, pictures, and numbers displayed on the reels after the process stops.

Since the combinations are determined exclusively by a random number generator, this game almost eliminates the possibility of developing a certain strategy.

Ethereum slots are divided according to the number of reels, the RTP level, the style and themes of games, the number of pay lines, and so on.

Ethereum Betting

Along with casino games, many portals provide an opportunity to bet on sports and try luck at live betting.

Ethereum Betting

Bettors can choose from many games that suit them: it can be traditional boxing, football, tennis, motorsport, basketball, or more exotic sports. The latter is usually used on platforms focused on a specific market. For example, players from India prefer to bet on cricket, dog racing, and kabaddi the same as on football or tennis.

Moreover, players can use ETH to bet on electronic or virtual sports.

ETH Exchanges and Wallets

While players are involved in Ethereum gambling, placing bets, or enjoying casino games, it is important to ensure that funds are stored safely. In addition, it is crucial to know the web resources where it is possible to exchange, sell or buy Ethereum as profitably as possible in compliance with the terms of confidentiality.

The current section is devoted to just this topic, so scroll down to get all the necessary information about popular ETH exchanges and Ethereum eWallets. 

How to Get Ethereum

There are two main methods of getting Ethereum: mining and buying (or exchanging) on special web resources.

In the first case, creating new transaction chains in the Ethereum blockchain is necessary. However, the second way is simpler: individuals need to register on exchanges to buy ETH or exchange it for another cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Ethereum Exchanges

The current section is devoted to the most popular websites where it is possible to make financial operations with ETC.


Coinbase is a popular platform that can be an excellent pick for newbies looking to buy Ethereum. The price and all necessary fees are clearly marked when placing an order, so users do not have to deal with complex market interfaces. 

The functionality of the exchange allows fixing prices immediately after the initiation of the order quickly. 

The platform accepts most debit and credit cards and bank transfers. In the case of transfers, exchange users are granted higher transaction limits. 


The current exchange was founded in 2011; however, transactions with Ethereum were added only in 2017. 

The Bitstamp service offers 2 main ways to get crypto: through the trading platform or by means of the brokerage service. The first option is suitable for more advanced users, while the second option is ideal for beginners. 


The Bittrex exchange service was founded 8 years ago and quickly became popular because of low trading commission rates and the ability to choose among a lot of trading pairs. 

Bittrex offers 2 site options: for users from the US and non-US residents. Bittrex is also widespread due to its advanced encryption security and high level of confidentiality. 

The platform accepts debit/credit cards and bank transfers. 

Important: In the case of using credit cards, the system charges 3% of the transaction fee. 


This is another service for transactions using Ethereum and fiat (or another crypto) currencies. Unlike the options above, Kraken has a more complex user interface, so beginners should get used to it. 

As for deposit options, Kranken supports all types of bank cards (both debit and credit) as well as bank transfers.


This exchange service was founded in 2014 and quickly became widely used thanks to a wide variety of trading options: 

  • spot trading; 
  • margin trading; 
  • fast digital money exchange. 

Poloniex provides users (even unregistered ones) with detailed analytical information and the latest news from the cryptocurrency world. Another benefit of this exchange is its own insurance fund.

Ethereum Wallets

The storage of the Ethereum takes place with the help of a special soft called e-wallets. Below there are several types of e-Wallets that are suitable for both PC users and for those who prefer to perform all financial transactions on the go.

Dekstop or Web Wallets for Windows, OSX, or Linux


The service is generally similar to a browser that provides access to the Ethereum network. In addition to operations with sending and storing cryptocurrency, this service can use Ethereum decentralized applications. The wallet’s design is intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to quickly switch between the test net and the Ethereum main net.


It is one of the most popular non-custodial wallets for Ethereum. Its popularity explains its simple design, high level of protection against hacking, and the ability to use it on all PC operating systems.

Furthermore, the wallet user controls the key, which provides complete control over the coins. In addition, the system doesn’t require any personal information, so it is a top pick for those who value privacy.

Mobile Wallets for Android and iOS


It is a handy open-source tool that allows exchanging digital assets directly on the service. This eliminates the need to visit exchanges or third-party services.

For those who use physical crypto wallets, MyEtherWallet provides the ability to store funds in a physical wallet. MyEtherWallet is available as an app for Android and iOS mobile devices.


It is the second wallet option that greatly matches Android and iOS mobile device users.

The Exodus wallet has a convenient, concise design and supports a cloud storage option.

The system does not charge a fee for sending or receiving cryptocurrency when conducting operations. However, users should not forget about networking fees.

The popularity of using cryptocurrency in the field of gambling is undeniable. Moreover, there has been an expansion of the range of cryptocurrencies used in recent years. As we can see, Ethereum gambling is a worthy competitor to BTC. That’s why it is currently more and more often being used not only in crypto casino games but also for placing any sports bets.