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To place a bet online it is required to be a registred ZeroEdge client. If you have not signed in yet, you can do that on our Registration page. The first thing to do after completing registration is to log in by typing your username and password in a bar which is located in the upper part of the page.

If you want to place a bet on a specific fixture, go to sports section (football, for example). You can find links to fixtures from every sport on the left side of the page.

Press the number of fixtures, which is located by the odds of the main outcomes, to see more betting offers.

To place a bet you have to create a betslip. It appears when a user chooses fixtures he wants to bet on and indicates the amount of money he would like to bet.

Next, you can add or remove fixtures from your betslip. The sum total of a bet is counted automatically. After firmly deciding on a betslip, press "NEXT“. Money betting is an action that requires responsibility, so you will be additionally asked to press an "OK“ button. If you have doubts, press the "CANCEL“ button and start forming a new betslip. Pressing an "OK“ button means a successful placement of a bet. This bet could also be seen when choosing Betting history in user panel.


To make a multibet you have to chose fixtures you want to combine. We remind you that different outcomes of one fixture cannot be combined

After chosing and adding preferred fixtures, change the type of betting. All bets usually are considered regular, so to place a parlay you have to press the „MULTIBET“ button on your betslip. Type the amount of money and press "NEXT“. Confirm your choice. If you changed your mind or made a mistake, you can remove fixtures from your betslip by pressing the cross button next to every bet.

To place a bet you must be logged in. In case you have created your bet slip before logging in, you will be asked to do it.


Choose outcomes you want to bet on and they will appear on your betslip which is located on the right side of the page. If you have changed your mind, you can remove a fixture by pressing a cross button above the odds. When all of preferred outcomes are chosen (3 to 8) press the "SYSTEM“ button and fixtures will be translated to system betslip automatically. Now, you can choose the amount of money you want to bet.

For your convenience betslip shows the number of possible combinations (the number of bets). In example, 2/6 – 15 possibilities, 3/6 – 20, 4/6 – 15 and 5/6 – 6 possibilities. For every combination (bet) type preferred amount of money in a corresponding panel. The sum total is the sum of every combination (bet). If the 3/4 system is chosen, it means that sum total is 4 times higher than your preferred amount of money to bet. In example, if you indicate 1 (the least amount of bet possible), the sum total comes at 4 ZED (1x4).

To place a bet you must be logged in. In case you have created your bet slip before logging in, you will be asked to do it.


When choosing the "SETTINGS SECTION" in your username panel you can check and change all of the settings of your betting account. You can choose language, odds system, time zone, change your password, etc.


ZeroEdge grants a lot of attention to security of client information which guarantees the safety of account data.