Belatra Slots Review

Belatra is a company focused on creating slots and other games like roulette or Sic Bo. It was launched in 1993 and developed slot machines. But over time, casinos moved into the online space, and Belatra followed, making games for online casinos.

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Belatra Slot Game Features

  • The company has already released more than 100 individual games.
  • HTML5 and Flash are used in the creation of slots. Because of this, games from this provider work on almost all devices.
  • Belatra’s RTP varies from 97.3% to 81%, so slots from this provider can be the choice of many different types of players.

New Belatra Slots

Belatra is constantly creating new slot games. The company has recently released 2, which are discussed below.

Belatra Games list

500 Juicy Fruits

It is representative of retro slots and usually appeals to players who are used to playing in land-based casinos. The game elements are in the form of fruits and the symbol 7. Combinations with the symbol 7 bring the highest payouts. The machine has 6 modes of pay lines. The player can activate 500, 250, 100, 40, 20 or 10 pay lines in this Belatra game.

Juicy Fruits 500 has a medium RTP of 95.7%. However, the player should not feel negative about this game because of the medium value of the figure. It just means that the player wins slightly more often, but with less money. The top win of this slot is €250,000.

The risk game is present in this machine, and the player is given the opportunity to choose from 2 types. The gambler can also turn off the risk game altogether. With a big win, the risk game pops up an offer to play it. In this plan, the player can either refuse it or play it. If the gambler refuses, the number of winnings is immediately credited to the casino customer’s account, and if the client accepts the offer, the risk game starts. The 2 types of the risk game are described below.

Risk Game with a Dealer’s Card

In this type of risk game, the gambler plays against the dealer. The casino client must draw a card from the deck that is bigger than the dealer’s card. If the card is bigger, the casino customer doubles his winnings, but if the value of the card is smaller, the player loses all his winnings. In the event that the gambler and the dealer draw equal cards, the procedure is repeated. This treatment can be done up to 5 times.   

Risk Game Red-Black

Red-Black is a game in which the player predicts the suit or color of the card. If the gambler guesses the color of the card, the client’s winnings are doubled, and if the suit is correct, the winnings are multiplied by 4. The player loses all the money if he or she fails to guess the color or suit of the card drawn.   

Shogun’s Fortune

This slot was created especially for lovers of oriental culture, which is why the game has a samurai theme. The symbols in this game are represented as metal icons, samurai and geisha. 3 scatters give the player free spins.

The machine has a total of 40 pay lines. During the bonus game, if even a part of the wild symbol lands on the reel, it is immediately reeled in and stays on until the end of the game. Also, if the wild symbol appears on the reel, it gives 1 free spin. In addition to this, the customer has the option of starting a bonus game by paying a certain amount of money for it.

In addition to the above features, Shogun’s Fortune machine is translated into 14 languages. The game’s RTP rate is 95.64%, and the maximum jackpot is 150000 euros. The RTP of this slot is slightly higher than the previous one, which means that the gambler needs to spend a little less to win the cash.

The slot machine also allows the player to take advantage of the risk game.

Risk Game with a Dealer’s Card

In terms of risk-playing, this machine is similar to the previous one. The player draws a card from the deck, and his card must be higher than the dealer’s hand. If the card is above, the money is doubled, and if the player loses, all winnings are canceled.

Most Popular Belatra Slots

In addition to the new slots, Belatra has some that have long been a favorite of gamblers. We’ll tell the reader about them below.

Lucky Roulette

This machine shows that the game doesn’t need to have high-level special features or any special features. It is a regular roulette game that asks the player to bet on a number, color or interval of numbers.

The player is asked to use chips to put wagers on the main game screen. The titles of the various sorts of bets, as well as their explanations, may be found in the Rules. The field then randomly selects between 1 and 5 lucky numbers, which, if drawn, can win 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 bets. The roulette wheel then begins to spin, and when the winning number is reached, the total amount of credits granted to the player is calculated. The game has a wide range of betting possibilities, ranging from 2:1 (red/black, even/even, tiny) to 500:1 (large) (betting on the lucky number).

88 Dragons Treasure Slot

Another representative of the oriental theme is right in front of the reader. This slot features symbols with scrolls, fans, flowers, and of course, dragons. The highest-paying symbol is the dragon. The slot has a total of 243 pay lines and 5 betting varieties. Depending on the size of the bet, the player gets jackpots, of which there are 4 types. Also, depending on the size of the bet, the regular symbols are replaced with gold symbols that give a large amount of cash when the gambler wins.

The slot’s RTP is at 90%, which means more frequent payouts and a small chance of winning the jackpot. 3 or more scatters trigger a bonus game, where the player gets free spins.

The gambler can also choose the type of risk game before the game or turn it off completely. There are a total of 2 risk games to choose from: risk game with a dealer’s card and risk game red-black, which have already been described above.

Highest RTP Belatra Slots

RTP is an important indicator, and the higher it is, the more money the player gets back over a distance. That is why it is important to choose slots with a high RTP. Below are the Belatra slots with the high RTP:

Game name   Volatility value   RTP value   
Piggy Bank Scratch   high   95%   
7 Fruits   Average   95.36%   
Golden Lemon   Average   95.36%   
Mix Fruits   Average   95.51%   
20 Super Stars   High   95.52%   
Golden Lemon Deluxe   High medium   95.59%   
Shogun’s Fortune   High medium   95.64%   
Icy Fruits   Average   95.66%   
500 Juicy Fruits   Average   95.71%   
The Wildlife   Average   97.15%   
Monsters   Average   96.23%   
Beauty and the Beast   Average   97.11%   
Sic Bo   Average   97.22%   
Lucky Roulette   Average   97.3%   
European Roulette   Average   97.3%   

Recommended Bitcoin Belatra Casinos

The casino market is now so vast that the choice of casinos is not limited to dozens of options. There are hundreds to choose from. There are also unlicensed, fraudulent casinos on the internet that cheat their customers. To prevent our readers from stumbling upon such a gambling platform, we’ve prepared a list of safe Belatra casinos that feature all of the slots in this review:

(61 ratings)
7Bit Casino was founded in 2014 and redesigned in May 2019. Its design is still quite old-school, but overall the user experience is great.
BC.Game Casino
(61 ratings)
The BC.Game casino staff is friendly, professional and, above all, offer super fast support. This is possible because customer service consists of many agents. Support channels are chat and email. 
BitStarz Casino
(30 ratings)
BitStarz Bitcoin casino is an officially licensed online gaming website that is completely secure and legal. It is licensed and regulated by Antillephone NV, and registered under the laws of Curaçao.

User Reviews

Below the reader can read reviews from gamblers who have already played Belatra games:

I’ve been gambling for over 3 years and have tried slot games from many providers. I have only recently started playing slots from Belatra. I was surprised that the RTP in many of the games is great. There are even those where the RTP exceeds 97%. I managed to play European Roulette, Sic Bo and Icy Fruits. The first game left me with very few winnings, in the second I lost 10% of my balance, but the third game pleasantly surprised me. In the beginning, I was losing a lot, and this went on for 2 days. On day 3 I started the game with a balance that was only 60% of the original amount, but I caught a bonus game that helped me make x115. In the end, because I was playing for higher denomination bets my balance was 170% of the original amount. In the end, I decided to withdraw everything and was left in the black.

I don’t have a lot of money to gamble with, so my balance hasn’t been much. I went into the Golden Lemon game and calculated everything so that my balance would be enough for 20 spins. I spent my balance for 1 hour. There was a point where I doubled my balance, but I got greedy and kept playing. I ended up losing my cash because I didn’t stop in time.

For me, one of the most important aspects of playing casino games is fun. I’m not after the winnings and just want to have a good time playing the game I love. In terms of graphics, I liked Shogun’s Fortune. The wild symbol here is in the form of a beautiful geisha, and if it comes up in the bonus game, the geisha starts dancing and it’s a genuine treat to watch. I also liked that I could immediately buy the bonus game and it starts promptly. My balance was great and I was just buying the bonus game, at one point I realized my balance had increased by 3 times due to 3 wild symbols falling out during the first 3 spins. I decided to stop for the day and left the cash in the balance for the next time.

A friend of mine suggested I play some Belatra casinos. I liked the fact that each machine has a demo game feature. I ended up trying over 15 slot machines and settled on 500 Juicy Fruits. I like the machines where the symbols break and others fall in their place. I started the game with $100 in my account and played it for about half an hour. I didn’t end up increasing my balance much. In the beginning, I played and nothing fell out for a long time, but when my balance was $73, I got lucky and won $50. In the end, my balance was $123, I decided not to take any chances and withdrew everything.

Underlining all of the above, we can say that Belatra is a multifaceted casino game provider. The company has already released more than 120 different games and among them, there are various games from regular roulette, to progressive slots. The highest RTP rates are achieved in European Roulette and Sic Bo. The new gambling machines from the provider have high-level graphics not inferior to competitors in the market.


In Bitcoin Belatra casinos there are games where gamblers can find mBTC value. What does it mean?

Since 1 Bitcoin is worth a large amount of money, it is not convenient. That’s why many Belatra casinos have started to use the mBTC designation. In this case, m is the prefix milli. 1 mBTC is equal to 0.001 Bitcoin.

How many games has Belatra released in total and what are their features?

Belatra has now released more than 120 different games with unique gameplay. These include roulette, progressive slots, 3 and 7 reel slots, and regular retro slots. Belatra also tries to diversify their game selection for customers, so they offer both low RTP and high RTP slots. Volatility also varies from slot to slot.

Can I try Belatra slot games first and only then play them for real money?

Yes, it is possible. To do so, the player needs to go to the official Belatra website or enter the name of this casino game provider in the casino search box. Belatra’s website allows customers to try out all of the slots that have been released, and the casino in turn gives customers the opportunity to take advantage of a demo game that spends fake money.

Does it make sense to play Belatra machines with a low RTP?

It definitely does, because a low RTP decreases the chance of winning, but it increases the number of winnings if the outcome is good. In games with a low RTP, the player needs to spend a certain amount of cash to break the big score.

What is volatility in Belatra slots?

Whereas RTP shows how much a player wins, volatility determines how often a gambler does so. In slots with high volatility, the casino customer wins less often, but if the player wins, the amount is always decent. If the volatility of the game is low, the client usually wins small amounts of money.