Guide to Playing Bitcoin Blackjack

Safe, exciting, and legit, Bitcoin blackjack is based on blockchain technology and provides many benefits for players. The main one is provably fair gambling – every user can personally check the fairness of the game. Playing with BTC, you get complete anonymity, as well as fast deposits and withdrawals.

Best 3 Blackjack Sites

We offer a selection of the best gambling platforms featuring Crypto blackjack with unique features and perks. On all the websites below, users can play BTC game.

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BitcoinCasino operates since 2019. 4000+ casino games. Excellent support
BitStarz Casino
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BitStarz Bitcoin casino is an officially licensed online gaming website that is completely secure and legal. It is licensed and regulated by Antillephone NV, and registered under the laws of Curaçao.
Golden Star Casino Review: Useful Facts
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GoldenStar Casino has been online for almost 10 years and has already convinced thousands of players around the world.

Best Crypto Blackjack Sites

Our team prepared a list of the best BTC blackjack sites. Many of them allow playing with live croupiers. The options presented in the guide offer safe and provably honest games, many payment methods, and a good choice of crypto blackjack games such as the American, European variant, and Live Blackjack.

We have explored many Bitcoin blackjack casinos and found the best ones for people interested in the game.

Bitcoin Blackjack Rules

Playing Bitcoin blackjack is practically the same as the traditional game. A small difference is that when gambling online, a timer is used to make certain that a player’s decisions will not take too long. The player’s task is to beat the dealer by collecting a bigger hand but no more than 21. If the sum of points exceeds 21, you lose. As for other rules:

  • The game uses from 4 to 8 standard decks with 52-cards to make card counting a little harder for experienced players.
  • If the first two cards in the hand bring 21, it is a Blackjack.
  • The game process is led by a croupier. A table is normally set with 5 to 7 spots maximum. It is also possible to play against the dealer alone.
  • When the participants are in their positions and they have placed their first bets, the croupier then deals cards from left to right. In front of them, everyone then has two cards.
  • When it is a player’s turn to act, they can hit – choosing to be dealt one more card, or stand – the user is sure about their cards and believes they are better than the ones the croupier has.
  • The croupier must also have two cards, only one of them is visible, and the other one – named the hole card is put face down. The dealer is only allowed to show his both cards if the two of them make a blackjack.
  • One of the croupier’s two cards is face-up so that all the participants can see it, and the players’ both cards are always face-up.
  • The round proceeds as each participant plays with the croupier (until the dealer stands or goes bust). Then it is the croupier’s turn – they deal cards to themselves until they reach 17-21 or bust (over 21).
  • The player may hit multiple times as long as the total of their cards remains less than 21.
  • If the participant has blackjack and the opponent-croupier does not, the user automatically wins. If the croupier has got blackjack and the gambler does not, the latter automatically loses.
  • If both the croupier and the user have blackjack, then it is a push.
  • If neither of the sides has blackjack, then each player, one at a time, shall play out their hands. When all the participants finish, the croupier plays their hand.

Card values:

  • Face cards – King, Queen Jack – are all worth 10
  • Cards from 2 – 10 are worth their value
  • Aces are worth one or eleven.

There are several options to act in a crypto blackjack game. Let us take a closer look at what players can do during the game.


This is the basic rule across all BTC websites with blackjack. It allows users to take one more card if they wish to.


If a user does not want to get another card and wants to stop, they choose to stand, and the dealer can hit or stand.


In case the initial two cards have an identical denomination, the gambler can split them into two hands. To do this, the user needs to make another bet equal to the initial bet.

Double Down

When the dealer has dealt the user the first two cards, they can double the bet, but in most casinos, this opportunity is given only if the sum of the user’s cards is equal to 9, 10, or 11. If they make a double, they get the last card. After that, it is the dealer’s turn to hit or stand.


This term means that the sum of points exceeded 21. If a user has too much, they automatically lose the entire bet. If the dealer busts, then the player wins.

Bitcoin Blackjack Strategy

Bitcoin Blackjack game

Every game, from blackjack to Bitcoin dice involves a certain strategy. The powerful winning tactic in blackjack requires every hand to be played based on the user’s cards and croupier’s cards. Here are several simple Bitcoin blackjack tips that users need to follow:

  • If the dealer’s upcard is an ace or 7-10, the user should hit until they reach 17 or more.
  • If the dealer’s upcard is 4-6, stop hitting once the croupier hits 12 or higher. The notion here is that users shouldn’t take a card if any risk of going bust exists.
  • If the croupier’s upcard is 2-3, the player has to stop with a total number of 13 or more.
  • The combo of the ace with any game card other than 10 is called a soft hand.
  • With a soft hand, one should keep on hitting more cards until they reach a total of 18 at least.
  • With 9 as a total, one needs to double down, but only if the croupier has a card between 2 and 6.
  • With a total number of 10, players shall double down, but unless the croupier has a 10 or an ace.
  • With 11 collected as a total, users always need to double down.
  • The players always need to split aces or 8s. 2s, 3s, or 7s may be split unless the opponent-croupier has an 8, 9, 10, or an ace.
  • 5s or 10’s shall not be split.
  • 6s must not be split unless the croupier has a poor card (2-6).

Variations of Bitcoin Blackjack

Just like Bitcoin roulette, blackjack has several variations. Gambling fans often wonder what the difference between Spanish, European, American Blackjack is. Here are the details below, so a user can understand how each type works.

American Blackjack vs. European Blackjack

First of all, American Blackjack is played with six or eight decks. This version of the crypto-based game has two popular types: Vegas Blackjack and Atlantic Blackjack.

In Vegas BTC Blackjack, a croupier with an ace or more than ten points in their hands can pick another card without showing it to other participants. If the croupier collects a blackjack combo, other players automatically lose. The exception is when the gambler also has a combo. A distinctive feature of Atlantic Blackjack for BTC is that the player doubles their bet even after the split. In addition, this game is usually played with eight decks of cards.

The European version is not very different from the original one. It is typically played with two or more decks of cards. An opponent with a combo can beat a player who has scored 21.

There is not a hole card in this variant. The croupier first gets one card face up. The next card is only dealt after the player has both cards in his hands. The player can split only once per round.

Here are the key differences:

American Blackjack

The croupier deals 2 cards face down.
6–8 decks
Users can double down on any total.
The player can split up to 3 times.
Surrender at any time.

European Blackjack

The croupier deals one card face up.
2 or more standard decks are used
Users lose 50% of the stake instead of the whole bet amount.
The player can split a hand only once, and the cards have to be like-valued.
No surrender options.

Overall, the rules of American Blackjack are more user-friendly and flexible.

Spanish Blackjack vs. Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a type of blackjack, the rights to which belong to Masque Publishing, located in Colorado. Spanish 21 uses six or eight Spanish decks of forty-eight cards without four tens. This increases the percentage of the mathematical advantage of the website, but liberal rules and an abundance of bonus payouts make them balanced forces. Besides, in some cases, this game is even more profitable than the standard one. Here are the key differences:

 Spanish BlackjackSpanish 21
Player BlackjackAlways pushes when the dealer has blackjackAlways wins when the dealer has blackjack
Number of decks1, 2, 4, 6, 86 and 8
Dealer soft 17 ruleThe dealer can hit or standThe croupier can hit or stand
Doubling DownOnly after the initial two cardsCan double on any number of cards
Late surrender Sometimes allowedAlways allowed   
Dealer 21Always pushes when the dealer has 21Always pushes if the dealer has 21

These special payouts apply in Spanish Blackjack:

  • six cards 21 – pays 2:1;
  • seven or more cards 21 – pays 3:1;
  • five cards 21 – pays 3:2;
  • 6-7-8 of all other suits – pays 2:1;
  • 6-7-8 of all spades – pays 3:1;
  • an unsuited 6-7-8 or a 7-7-7 pays 3:2;
  • if the hand was doubled, the below payouts do not apply.

Live Bitcoin Blackjack

Live blackjack has almost the same interface as the virtual game. The main feature of the Live version is that a real croupier at the gaming table is playing for the user on their screen. This way they keep all the advantages of playing online, and the players feel the atmosphere of live Bitcoin blackjack and get a chance to communicate with croupiers.

Bitcoin Blackjack Live is a modern trend among gambling fans. They love it when real dealers lead the game process. This makes the gameplay authentic and much more emotional. Live BTC blackjack broadcasts take place from stylish studios. Some game developers even broadcast from physical casinos around the world. Thus, gamblers can hear real site sounds in the background and see participants at other tables.

If players are interested in a realistic casino gaming experience, then live Blackjack for Bitcoins is an ideal choice.

Crypto Blackjack for Free

In contrast to Bitcoin slots where you just click “Spin” and wait for the outcome, playing Blackjack requires some knowledge and practice. Free blackjack games allow players to master basic blackjack strategies. As soon as users master the basics and start winning at crypto blackjack, they can switch to the real money game mode. Hence, it is recommended for beginners to try the free version before playing the real game.

Online casinos with Bitcoin blackjack offer users to spend time playing their favorite game no matter where they are. Hence, they have the opportunity to combine entertainment with work or home routine. There are many other game options for crypto gamblers out there except for blackjack like Bitcoin poker. If a special atmosphere of live casinos attracts the player, then there is a unique live service, where they can enjoy playing and communicating with a live croupier.


Is it legal to play BTC blackjack?

Yes, it is legit to play crypto blackjack for everybody online. Most of the sites recommended by the specialists are provably fair and licensed. Hence, gamblers are safe playing crypto blackjack.

What is the least possible bet in Bitcoin blackjack?

The minimum bet that can be made in BTC blackjack is 0.01 mBTC. Minimal and maximum bets may differ in different casinos, so read the info on the website.

Is there an online casino for crypto blackjack with live dealers?

Yes. BitCasino, Vietbet, and CloudBet are among them. In most cases, the crypto blackjack website has the same concept as the one in an online casino. The presence of a real dealer makes it possible to create the atmosphere of a real club.

What is the difference between BTC blackjack and regular classic blackjack?

There is basically no difference between these two variants. The only difference is that in BTC blackjack users use crypto for betting and in regular-fiat money. All conditions and gameplay remain the same.

How can I profit from cryptocurrency deposits by playing Bitcoin blackjack?

An important advantage of cryptocurrency is the absence of a central authority that could track the user’s payments and withdrawals. BTC transactions are swift and do not require additional fees. The transactions are safe and reliable.