Bitcoin Roulette Guide: How to Play

Today, Bitcoin roulette is one of the newest additions to the gambling industry. Backed by blockchain technology, it takes game fairness to a new level. Playing with crypto gives you the benefits fiat currencies cannot offer.

Best 3 Bitcoin Roulette Platforms

The industry of Bitcoin roulette casinos is vast, yet players cannot rely on all options. We have introduced the best three online casinos to play roulette for cryptos. These are all reliable casinos with years of experience in gambling.

Forest.Bet Casino
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Forest.Bet operates since 2020. 7000+ casino games. Excellent support.
(25 ratings)
CasinoChan operates since 2015. 2000+ casino games. Excellent support.
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Casino4u operates since 2020. 2,400+ casino games. Excellent support

Best Casinos for Bitcoin Roulette

For more casino websites offering BTC Roulette, feel free to explore the list of platforms below. Apart from hefty bonuses, these casinos come with a great selection of roulette variations.

We have created a complete review of the best sites where players can enjoy crypto roulette, Bitcoin blackjack, and other games with anonymous gameplay and fast transactions.

Live Bitcoin Roulette

Many virtual casinos offer the opportunity to play live crypto roulette games, and other titles with live dealers. During the games, the players can chat with each other and the dealer. This game type is the most successful combination of online gambling and live collaboration with the dealer. Find out the top live crypto roulette sites here.

Free Bitcoin Roulette

New players who have no experience in roulette are recommended to try Bitcoin games for free at first. Many Bitcoin sites provide their users with free roulette rooms where they can gamble without even registering on the site. Furthermore, trying crypto roulette for free allows the player to test a gambling strategy and see how it works before depositing real cash.

Main Roulette Variations

Bitcoin Roulette

The main variations of Roulette are European, American, and French. Even though the principle and purpose of all these variations are the same, they have distinct differences. Here we are going to give an in-depth review of each crypto roulette variation.

European vs. American Roulette

American and European Roulette variations are the most commonly played ones. The first difference lies in the look of the playing table. Even though the difference is subtle, it affects the overall gameplay and odds. The American Bitcoin game wheel has 38 pockets. Besides the red and black numbers 1 to 36, the table also features two extra pockets colored green. They are numbered 0 (0) and a double 0 (00).

On the Roulette table of the European variation, players get 1 to 36 pockets colored red and black along with only one green pocket numbered as 0. The layout of the numbers here is different from that of the European variation. However, this does not influence either the gameplay or probability.

Another significant difference between American and European Roulette crypto variations lies in the house edge. The former has a 5.26% house edge while the house advantage of the latter is only 2.7%. The difference is considerable, especially with the same payouts and excitement that the games bring. Accordingly, the American Bitcoin Roulette provides the casino with a more significant edge of winning since 0 and 00 do not bring any payout to the player unless the bet is placed straight on them.

European vs. French and American Roulette

The studies showed that French variation is the original form of this casino crypto game. And both American and European Roulette games have derived from it. Moreover, the French variation is viral in France and Great Britain.

Although French and European Roulette rules and gameplay are the same, specific differences still exist:

The table in French Roulette features texts in French.

Unlike the American version, where bet areas are located on the same side, on the French table, the bet areas are spotted on either side of numbers.

Sometimes French Roulette tables may have a racetrack bet feature that provides the players with more petting options than European ones.

La Partage and En Prison Rule Sets

French Bitcoin roulette features two unique rules that cannot be found in other variations of this casino crypto game. They both apply to even money bets that are red, black, odd, high, or low. These rules provide players with fair chances whenever they place even money bets. Let us give them each an in-depth review:

The La Partage rule is the same as “splitting.” In the case of betting on even money, players can get half of their bet back once the ball falls into the zero-pocket.

The En Prison rule signifies “jail.” The player does not lose the bet on even money when the ball falls into the zero pocket. Instead, the bet becomes “imprisoned” on the same bet for another spin of the wheel. However, if the ball falls into the zero pocket again, the wager gets lost.

Regardless of which rule is active, the payout is the same for the player. They are both mathematically even to the player. If the player wants to gamble crypto roulette on the most beneficial conditions, European/French Roulette is most recommendable with either En Prison or La Partage rule set.

Playing Roulette: Rules, Payouts, Probabilities

Understanding the playing rules, payouts, and probabilities of crypto roulette game players can elevate the chances of winning. This section reviews them to guide players through wagering and gambling crypto roulette.

Short History of Roulette

The origin of one of the most popular casino games, roulette, is shrouded in mystery. However, the most widely accepted theory is that a French match wizard created the game’s incarnation and was finished by Blaise Pascal in the 17th century while trying to make a perpetual motion machine.

ancient casino hall

Nevertheless, some notes were found stating ancient civilizations played a game much like the ordinary roulette. The most developed societies of China, Rome, and Greece left data about a similar game. However, Europe and the US first learned about the game only in the 19th century. The word is translated from French, meaning a little wheel.

Basic Rules of Bitcoin Roulette

Like in any casino crypto game, roulette is a game of luck. First, all the players place their bets. Then the dealer rolls the wheel in one direction before spinning the ball in another one. When the ball falls into one of the numbered and colored pockets, the game stops, and the winners are apparent. The exact playing process refers to online and offline games regardless of the variation.

Depending on the variation of the Bitcoin roulette, the table can have 37 pockets or numbers (in French European Roulette variation) or 38 ones (in American variation) as the latter has an extra double zero pocket. Moreover, there are brick-and-mortar casinos in Vegas where players can play the game for crypto with 39 pockets.

Players can bet on various outcomes like red or black, even or odd numbers, numbers from 1 to 18 or 18 to 37/38, or any single number. The probability of every bet defines the payout. The less probable outcome ensures a higher win. Therefore, when gamblers want to play on the safe side, they should place the stake on the more probable outcomes such as red or black, where the money on a stake is doubled if the player succeeds.

Betting Options, Payouts, Probabilities

Roulette is a Bitcoin game of chance. Hence understanding the terminology and odds of the game is essential. The formula of calculating the odds of Bitcoin roulette goes as follows:

Divide 36 by the number of squares the bet covers.

Subtract one from the result to see the payout odds.

Based on the mentioned formula, here are the betting options with their payouts and probabilities mentioned for European and American variations respectively:

Zerothe payout is 35 to 1the probability EUR is 2.7% and 2.6%
Double Zerothe payout is 35 to 1the probability EUR is 2.6%
Straight Upthe payout is 35 to 1the probability EUR is 2.7% and 2.6%
Rowthe payout is 17 to 1the probability EUR is 5.3%
Splitthe payout is 17 to 1the probability EUR is 5.4% and 5.3%
Streetthe payout is 11 to 1the probability EUR is 8.1% and 7.9%
Cornerthe payout is 8 to 1the probability EUR is 10.8% and 10.5%
Top Line or Basket (US)the payout is 6 to 1the probability EUR is 13.1%
Top Line or Basket (EUR)the payout is 8 to 1the probability EUR is 8.5%
Six Linethe payout is 11 to 1the probability EUR is 8.1% and 7.9%
1st Columnthe payout is 2 to 1the probability EUR is 32.4% and 31.6%
2nd Columnthe payout is 2 to 1the probability EUR is 32.4% and 31.6%
3rd Columnthe payout is 2 to 1the probability EUR is 32.4% and 31.6%
1st Dozenthe payout is 2 to 1the probability EUR is 32.4% and 31.6%
2nd Dozenthe payout is 2 to 1the probability EUR is 32.4% and 31.6%
3rd Dozenthe payout is 2 to 1the probability EUR is 32.4% and 31.6%
Oddthe payout is 1 to 1the probability EUR is 48.6% and 47.4%
Eventhe payout is 1 to 1the probability EUR is 48.6% and 47.4%
Redthe payout is 1 to 1the probability EUR is 48.6% and 47.4%
Blackthe payout is 1 to 1the probability EUR is 48.6% and 47.4%
1 to 18the payout is 1 to 1the probability EUR is 48.6% and 47.4%
19 to 36the payout is 1 to 1the probability EUR is 48.6% and 47.4%

Call Bets in the French and European Roulette

Players of French European crypto roulette can also find a special racetrack located by the side of the standard table. It provides the players with additional betting options titles as Call Bets or Racetrack Bets. If the player wants to place such a bet during the Bitcoin game, they must call the dealer. The same goes not only for brick-and-mortar casinos but also for crypto roulette gambling sites.

Overall, there are five racetrack bet options to consider. These are:

Zero Spiel Bet – with a 17:1 payout and 18.9% odds, the stake can be placed on 0, 3, 12, 15, 26, 35, and 35. Only four chips are allowed on the bet, with one on 26 black (the payout here is 35:1) and the rest distributed on the other available numbers.

Series 0/2/3 Bet – the bet odds are 27.0%, while the payouts depend on the chips’ numbers. Nine chips are used on this bet.

Orphelins Bet – the odds of winning the wager are 21.6%, while the payouts differ depending on the bet’s numbers. Overall, players must place five chips.

Series 5/8 Bet – the odds of winning with this bet are 32.4%, while the payout is 17:1. Players here must stake six chips in total on pairs of numbers.

Neighbors Bet – with 13.5% winning odds and a 35:1 payout, the wager must be placed on one particular number and four adjusting ones. In total, the player has to place only five chips.

Bitcoin Roulette House Edge

The house edge and the RTP of all roulette variations are somewhat similar to Bitcoin dice. Knowing them is essential to play crypto Roulette effectively. Here we have collected the most important points about these crucial metrics.

The RTP of American Bitcoin Roulette is 94.74%, and the house edge is about 5.26%. However, there is an exception for the Five Line or Top Line bet. The house edge of the latter is 7.89%, while the RTP is 92.11%.

The RTP of European Roulette is 97.30%, while the house edge is 2.70%. The same refers to French Roulette crypto, as well. However, here, too, we must introduce the exceptions. The payouts of Roulette Bitcoin games with the En Prison and La Partage rule set are better. The house edge of such crypto games is about 1.35%, and the RTP is 98.65%.

Roulette Variation with the Best RTP

So, with the RTP and house edge of roulette variations explained, it becomes apparent that the most beneficial one in terms of payouts is the European or French Roulette variation. Furthermore, if the Bitcoin game offers the La Partage or En Prison rule set, it becomes even more profitable.

The American Roulette variation, meanwhile, has the lowest RTP rate. Accordingly, it is not recommended to choose it over the European variation. This information can prevent players from being stung by games that give the casino a massive advantage over the player.

Bitcoin Roulette Strategy

Today many players and roulette specialized sites suggest various strategies to increase the player’s chances of winning. According to some studies, the best roulette strategies are Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and James Bond. However, like any other casino game, Bitcoin roulette is a game of luck where the power of all strategies is the same. Here we are going to explain why none of the strategies is foolproof.

Failure of Progressive Strategies

Let us start with the most popular roulette strategy, Martingale. According to the rules of this strategy, the player must play even bets, for instance, red or black. Here we have reviewed a case when we have picked the black stake.

If we win, we keep the bets the same and go on playing.

In case we lose, we double the original bet and put the wager on black again.

If any further bet is a win, we keep the winnings and put the original bet again, thus regaining the previous losses.

If any further wager is a loss, we double the previous bet and keep on gambling.

At first sight, this is a win-win strategy. However, in most scenarios, the system cannot work smoothly. Mathematically, no previous random event affects the next random event. Accordingly, even if the player has had four rolls of black in a row, the next one can still be black. Furthermore, using a progressive strategy, players can face two obstacles – they may either run out of money since doubling the previous bet several times successively definitely costs much, or the casino limit of consecutive bets in one round may expire.

Do Previous Spins Affect Future Ones?

Every spin of the Bitcoin roulette wheel is 100% random. The wheel’s movement and the ball going in the opposite direction are chaotic and complicated. Predicting the outcome is beyond the possible. Even if the 100 preceding numbers were black, there is no guarantee the next one has to be red. The randomness of every spin in a Bitcoin roulette game is guaranteed, and the previous spins do not affect the next ones.

Nevertheless, the amount of black and red outcomes must come close to even in the long run. This is how the randomness of events works. Whether the player is in a land-based casino or a virtual one, whether they have launched a game of Bitcoin roulette or are playing for fiat money, does not affect the randomness.

Hot and Cold Numbers: Myths or Reality?

According to the concept of hot and cold numbers in roulette, the ball lands on some of the wheel numbers more frequently than on others. Many players believe in the existence of winning and losing streaks. They place their bets per this idea: some gamblers bet on the numbers that have won several times, while others bet on those that have not succeeded. The reality, however, is that while some numbers may come out more frequently than others may, this has nothing to do with any concept. Crypto roulette is a 100% game of random events. There are no hot or cold numbers.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino crypto games worldwide. Playing the game with Bitcoin or other crypto means the player can deposit virtually in real-time, start gambling immediately, and cash out wins right on the spot. Furthermore, playing Roulette crypto has other advantages, including cheap money transfers, fair gambling and quick transfer.


What roulette variations are the most popular ones?

Even though most beginner players believe Roulette is a classic casino game, Bitcoin roulette comes in different variations. The most popular variations are American, French, and European. The American game variant is perhaps more popular in terms of what the general public faces. This is the enormous influence of the American media in the world. Even in movies, Roulette tables are of the American setup. What distinguishes this variation from the European or French is the presence of an extra zero slot, which makes the total number of slots in this Bitcoin game 37.

Are there live dealer Bitcoin roulette games available?

Yes, there are live dealer versions of crypto roulette offered to play virtually. The variations of the Bitcoin game are in line with what is offered for gambling in land-based or online casinos.

Can I play other crypto games besides roulette?

Yes, the virtual casinos mentioned in this guide offer the most popular games besides roulette. For example, players can enjoy Bitcoin slot machines, blackjack, poker, and others.

What are called bets?

Called bets are available in European and French variations of this popular casino Bitcoin game. These bets differ from the ordinary ones in that they are grouped based on their positions on the roulette wheel. The range of called bets includes Neighbors bets, Series 5/8, Orphelins, Series 0/2/3, and Zero Spiel.