Bitcoin Slots Guide 2023

Slots have always been popular among casino players. From land-based gambling venues to gambling websites, slots are the base of any game library.

Together with Bitcoin poker, blackjack, roulette, and other games, BTC casinos have a wide selection of slots.

5 Best Bitcoin Casinos with Slots

Sometimes it can be challenging to decide on the best sites to play Bitcoin slots. Check an up-to-date list of the top 5 casinos offering crypto games in 2023.

(25 ratings)
CasinoChan operates since 2015. 2000+ casino games. Excellent support.
(61 ratings)
7Bit Casino was founded in 2014 and redesigned in May 2019. Its design is still quite old-school, but overall the user experience is great.
BC.Game Casino
(61 ratings)
The BC.Game casino staff is friendly, professional and, above all, offer super fast support. This is possible because customer service consists of many agents. Support channels are chat and email. 

Best Casino Sites with BTC Slots

The number of casinos with Bitcoin slots is growing every month, and not all of them are fair. It is important to choose only a legal and certified gaming platform. Feel free to explore this list and choose one of the trustiest online crypto casinos.

Scroll down to get an insight into the variety of slots games, the best cryptocurrency gambling platforms, and more.

Bitcoin Slots: Main Types and Features

Given the variety of Bitcoin slots, there are different classifications of these games. Below is the most structured list of slot game types based on the bet size, available bonus rounds, progressive jackpots, and more.

Bitcoin Slots

Bitcoin Jackpot Slots

In most up-to-date casinos with fair Bitcoin slots, there are two types of slots: with fixed and progressive jackpots. In the first case, the winning amount is paid to gamblers according to a predetermined rate.

With progressive jackpots, a small amount of money is added to the total winnings with every other round. In turn, games with progressive jackpots are divided into 2 groups. The list is provided below.

Exclusive, when the game is available only on a specific website.

Network, when the jackpot is not limited by the casino and everyone who plays this game online can win it.

A striking example of the second type of slot is Mega Moolah. Try out one of the Jackpot slots below.

BTC Slots with Bonus Rounds

As Wikipedia (Slot Machine) tells us, the first one-armed bandits were primitive machines with only 1 pay line. Today, most Bitcoin slots support the option of bonus rounds or games that bring extra winnings or bonus features. Playing bonus games, gamblers receive more coins with every spin. In addition, a lot of slot games developers add free spins to their bonus games.

The round itself may be a small riddle the gambler needs to solve. An example of a game with a bonus round can be Frankenslot’s Monster. It is a slot where players need to find the right combination of leverage in order to get extra coins.

Check out the list of casinos that offer BTC slots with bonus games.

Bitcoin Slots Based on Cartoons or Movies

The mechanics of these fair Bitcoin games do not differ from other crypto slots. The main focus is solely on increasing engagement. Such games contain a specific style, soundtrack, graphic design, and so on. They may use playable characters from the original movie, original or modified storylines.

An example of such slots is the Rambo game, which is designed after the popular 80s action movie. This slot was created by a popular casino game provider iSoftBet.

Find out more about casinos with movie-themed BTC slots below.

Low Bet Limit BTC Slots

Playing these Bitcoin slots, gamblers can enjoy the gameplay and get the thrill without fear of losing a large amount of money. This option is perfect for beginners with no experience. An example of such a game would be Amulet of Dead.

Get an insight into gambling platforms with small bet slots below.

Provably Fair Bitcoin Slots

The principle of provably fair Bitcoin slots means the players can personally confirm the randomness of every spin they make. It is an effective tool for online casinos to increase the level of trust and attract new members. This option is relatively new, but it is already widely used in Bitcoin casinos. Among the examples of such simple, provably fair slots is the OneHash game.

Keep reading to learn more about the best casino providers with provably fair Bitcoin slots.

Free BTC Slots

Most Bitcoin casinos with free mode provide gamblers with credits or play money. An example of a free slot is Planet Fortune created by Play’n Go. Below it is possible to see a list of verified gambling platforms that offer free Bitcoin slots.

Slot Machine History

As it is already known, Bitcoin slot machine takes 1st place when it comes to gambling games. The main reasons for this have been discussed above.

Slot machines have a very long history that goes back to the late 1800s. The center of the first slot games was San Francisco, where the first one-armed bandits had only card numbers, images of fruits, coins, and other things as symbols. There were many prohibitions and laws to penalize the use of slot machine in bars, but this did little to bring down their popularity.

Ancient casino hall

In the 70s, mechanical machines began to give way to more advanced video slots, working on computer programs. The mid-90s opened a new age for slots when Microgaming, one of the leading casino game providers, presented the first software for online gambling in 1994.

These days, all the leading gambling software developers mainly focus on slots. They work on constant improvement of graphics, audio components, storylines, and so on.

As for slots that accept digital currency (Bitcoin in particular), this is the most relevant stage in the development of the gambling industry. Many modern casinos are switching exclusively to cryptocurrency games. Together with BTC slots, you can enjoy Bitcoin roulette, card games, and even lotteries.

The two sections below provide brief information about the most significant periods in the development of slot machines from a historical point of view.

First-Ever Slot Machines

The developers of the first slot were Sittman and Pitt. From a mechanical point of view, it contained five reels, which could hold a maximum of 50 card symbols. The new entertainment has become extremely popular among gamblers and has been widely used in bars.

In order to start the game, the player needed to insert a five-cent coin into the machine and pull the lever. By the way, this lever gave slots their nickname – one-armed bandits. In the era of digital gambling, this term is not so popular. But it is still used in some casinos, especially land-based.

After players span the reels, they expect a winning poker hand. Why poker? The first slots were based on this particular game. Initially, slot games did not involve cash winnings. The maximum that the winner could get was a glass of free beer or a cigarette at the bar.

In addition, many bars where such slots were installed had their own rules and features of the game. Often, it was made with only one purpose: to decrease the chances of winning. For example, some bar owners changed card symbols or rearranged reels.

The next milestone in the industry was the Money Honey slot machine developed in the second half of the 20th century by Bally Manufacturing. It became the first fully electromechanical slot to contain a bottomless bunker. Now players could receive a cash payout of up to 500 coins. And this did not require the help of the staff.

Thanks to Money Honey, there was a revolution in the gaming environment. Now the focus was more on electronic games, and the side lever gradually became vestigial. All this impacted the formation of the modern Bitcoin slot machine.

Birth of Fruit Slots

In a few years after the creation of the Sittman and Pitt slot machine, another developer came into play. It was Charles Fey from California, who improved the mechanics of the slots. Charles removed 2 reels and added 5 symbols: hearts, horseshoes, Liberty Bell, diamonds, and spades.

The game was named Liberty Bell and gave a new round to the development of the industry of mechanical gaming devices.

Soon The Mills Novelty Company began to actively produce machines based on Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell. Initially, in these vending machines, they decided not to depart from the original 5 symbols. However, in the future, an attempt was made to replace some symbols with more patriotic ones (wreaths on wheels, images of flags, and so on).

The industry continued to grow, and developers created a slot with a device for selling chewing gum. Since chewing gum came mostly with a fruity taste, the developers decided to add images of lemons, oranges, cherries, and other fruits to the reels.

At the same time, the mechanics of the original Liberty Bell remained unchanged. This set of symbols has become extremely popular among players. As a result, many other gambling companies started making their own slot machines using fruit symbols. Among them are Pace, Watling, Caille, and others.

Subsequently, there were many bans on the use of slot machines, but their popularity has invariably persisted.

Pros of Bitcoin Slots

The popularity of Bitcoin slots is undeniable. In addition, a lot of gambling software developers have begun providing BTC games. Therefore, it is not surprising that Bitcoin slots have more pros than cons. The main of them are listed below.

Fast-Paced Gameplay

The speed of the gaming process in the Bitcoin slot machine is the key engagement factor. Even playing demo versions of Bitcoin slots is fun. Players enjoy the dynamics and excitement of the gaming process.

Extra Features

Monotony is a common reason why players prefer Bitcoin slots to traditional games. Gamblers can take advantage of additional features and functions that make the gameplay more exciting. For example, falling symbols can act differently and trigger bonus rounds with higher payouts. Along with this, each game offers its own individual features.

Bigger Payouts

It is no secret that most table games do not offer gamblers big winnings. For example, in roulette, all that a player can count on is a payout in the ratio of 35/1. In the case of Bitcoin slots, the situation is the opposite. Gamblers can win big money. For example, some BTC slots offer payouts up to 10,000/1.

Cons of Bitcoin Slots

Of course, the perfect Bitcoin slot machine does not exist, and even Bitcoin slots have weak sides. Therefore, their main cons are listed here.

No Skill Required

When playing slots, everything happens quickly and by itself. All that is required from the player is to click “Spin” and wait for the result. On the one hand, this is a great option for beginners and those who want to get fun only, without aiming to win. For the rest of the players, the inability to influence reel spinning is a drawback.

This, for example, contrasts with other games like poker or blackjack. The experience and skills of gamblers are not important in this case. For more information about crypto casino games, check the Bitcoin blackjack review.

The only option that can help influence the chances of winning when playing Bitcoin slots is effective bankroll management.

RTP in Some Games Is Low

This is one of those aspects that is often overlooked by many players. But first of all, it is important to understand what RTP is. RTP is the percentage that a gambler can receive and which is clearly fixed in a particular slot. At the same time, different slots come with different RTPs. This information can always be explored in the description of a particular Bitcoin entertainment. Thus, RTP reflects a clear proportion or percentage between the player’s winnings and the casino’s income.

Let us see an example. If the game has an RTP of 96%, then the player can expect to win back 96% of the money they wagered over a long period of time. The casino is guaranteed to receive 4%.

At the same time, this does not mean that, for every dollar deposited, gamblers can receive 96 cents. It all depends on the number of spins. So, players can hit the jackpot after 3 spins or after 1003 while spending money. The main reason for this is the variance, which is the key feature during generating of random numbers.


Are BTC slots legal?

Yes, crypto slots are legal in countries where gambling with fiat currency is allowed. Until now, there is not a single precedent when BTC games would be banned by law.

Is it crucial to have bank account or credit card to enjoy Bitcoin slot games?

No, it is not. Gamblers only need to create crypto wallets. Using them, it is possible to quickly and anonymously make deposits to gaming accounts or withdraw winnings.

Are Bitcoin casinos secure?

It is necessary to consider each platform separately. But generally speaking, most BTC casinos offer a high level of protection for personal and financial information, as well as provably fair Bitcoin games.

Is it possible to check how trustworthy Bitcoin casino is?

Yes, it is possible. First of all, crypto slots gamblers should visit the official casino website and check for a license. It should be provided by the official regulator only. Moreover, it is necessary to explore feedback from other gamblers on independent websites.