Provably Fair Games – Future of Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrency is now not just a payment method in web casinos. Besides rapid and anonymous deposits and withdrawals, blockchain technology offers new opportunities to the iGambling industry. With the provably fair algorithm, the player can personally check if the game’s outcomes are fair.  

But are provably fair games worth playing? And how does it all work? Let us have a detailed explanation.

What Does Provably Fair Mean?

In online gambling, a provably fair algorithm is the advanced technology that serves to check how fair a game in this or that casino is. Initially, there were only provably fair games in Bitcoin casinos. Now, the mechanism is also applied to regular casino titles like slots or board games.

Why can this newly bred tech be so important for gamblers of the future? To get the answer to the question, one should remember the most common way of ensuring fairness used in web casinos today. This is one more mechanism called RNG or Random Number Generator. Its main task is to provide online games with the randomness of outcomes.

RNGs are reliable enough instruments. They are mainly based on complex mathematical algorithms or use absolutely unpredictable events like natural phenomena. However, they require constant audits. They should be checked and certified by specific gaming organizations like eCOGRA or iTechLabs. The problem here is that players can do nothing but believe the provider’s word when it promises fair random number generators as well as fair payouts.

In the case of provably fair games, not only are the algorithms even more complex and more effective in ensuring randomness, but they also allow the player to check the outcome of the game they have played. 

Interestingly, the latest provably fair algorithms are not based on blockchain anymore. They use advanced RNG mechanisms together with function hashing. With these modern systems in hand, one can run casino fairness checks both manually and with the help of a so-called provably fair verifier. However, no matter which method is used, the technology is very promising. It is sure to change the image of iGambling in the near future.  

Provably Fair vs. Regular Platforms

Let us define what regular and provably fair casinos are. Both are online gambling platforms. Any crypto casino is called regular when it accepts one or several crypto coins besides other payment options. Such a platform works like any usual online gambling site. It offers a broad choice of games, various promotions, etc.  

Playing on a provably fair platform is only possible for cryptocurrency. Its game selection may include only about a dozen titles or even one single title. However, the gambler has the ability to check their fairness.  

Both variants have their fans because each type come with benefits. Let us compare the main characteristics of provably fair and regular crypto platforms:

Regular Casinos

  • the abundance of games from top developers;  
  • bonuses + promotions;  
  • use common RNG mechanisms audited by a third party to ensure their games’ fairness;  
  • players cannot check the fairness of the casino by themselves.

Provably Fair Casino Sites

  • a smaller selection of games;  
  • use advanced crypto algorithms that do not need certification from any third party;  
  • the fairness of all the games can be checked by the player personally;  
  • very low house edges;  
  • usually, no bonuses or promotions.  

Most players prefer regular casinos with supported cryptocurrencies since they have more options on such platforms. However, the constant development of provably fair platforms contributes to their ever-growing popularity. Which variant is right? It is up to every punter to decide. 

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How Does the Algorithm Work?

Let us explain the work of provably fair algorithms in simple terms. The mechanism is indeed intricate and comprises many parameters. However, the key ones are the following three:  

  • server seed;  
  • client seed;  
  • nonce.  

In fact, the result of each round is generated before the game starts. It turns into a server seed. The player’s browser produces its own client seed. One can even generate a new client seed manually. The nonce can be regarded as a growing number of bets placed in the game.  

The bet is placed, and now the casino server combines the server and client seeds with nonce and presents the outcome of the game session in the way of a 64-bit hash. When the session is over, the player gets the decrypted server seed that should match the hashed seed of the casino. The SHA-256 Hash Calculator is usually used to do this. Then, one can manually check the results.  

How Are the Outcomes Verified?

It works very simply. For instance, when using a verifier, one indicates the game, inserts the server’s seed hash, the server’s seed, and their client’s seed, and clicks on Verify.  

Crypto platforms use different provably fair algorithms, so the checking process may differ in each separate case. However, all casinos give detailed instructions on how manual verification can be implemented.  

Another way is much simpler. One can use provably fair checkers or verifiers. The best Bitcoin platforms have introduced their own fairness verifiers so that their clients can check the fairness of games in an easier way.  

List of Provably Fair Verifiers

Mind that players are free to utilize the verifier given by the casino where they play or any other verifier offered by a third party. Below is the list of some popular verifiers one can use:  

  • verifier;  
  • PrimeDice verifier;  
  • Nitrogen Dice verifier;  
  • verifier;  
  • Bitsler verifier;  
  • SafeDice verifier;  
  • BetterBets verifier;  
  • verifier.  

Provably Fair Check: Key Steps to Take

For a common gambler without profound knowledge in programming and mathematics, the work of provably fair algorithms may seem daunting. Nevertheless, it may be enough to understand that both the crypto platform and the player generate their own seeds during the game session. The number of bets shows up in an ever-increasing nonce.  

What the player should actually do is generate a new client seed after each session. The player’s browser generates it, but they can change it of their own free choice. Many experts recommend this because this simple step can protect Bitcoin punters against the most typical cheating a scam site is capable of. It can produce losing outcomes for their client – especially when it comes to a high roller – when they do not customize their client seeds, at least during numerous sessions with multiple hands.  

Top sites’ verifiers can be used as reliable means of checking the fairness of crypto games. When one does not trust the site they play, one can use a third party’s verifier for the same purpose.  

Best Provably Fair Casinos

Online platforms with crypto options have a long list of benefits for gamblers. Many see them the future of iGambling. Their main advantage is that punters can enjoy gambling regardless of any restrictions. They can also avail themselves of rapid transactions in both directions and total anonymity of their bets and payouts.  

When games based on a provably fair algorithm are also on top of the options available in a crypto casino, this casino merits, by all means, the punter’s attention and can bring them valuable prizes. Let us have a quick overview of the top crypto platforms one can join right away:

Bitcasino Casino logo

The platform ranks among the top reputed BTC casinos available in the market today. It allows gambling only for crypto coins. The site collaborates with about 40 game developers and offers over 5,000 games. Some of them are provably fair.

Stake Casino

Stake Casino

When provably fair games are a priority, opt for Stake Casino. This platform offers only verifiable content. It belongs to the most reputed providers. The number of games is quite limited: there are only 12 of them. But these are the top games that include Mines, blackjack, video poker, keno, and dice.

BetChain casino

BetChain Casino

This is a perfect example of a gambling resource that combines the best options of regular and crypto platforms. Here, one can expect superb bonus offers and promos. Crypto payments and provably fair games are also on the list of BetChain Casino’s options.


Fortune Jack Casino

The platform is extremely popular, and this is not only because it accepts several cryptocurrencies, including quite traditional BTC, Ethereum, and Litecoin, as well as rarer Monero or ZCash. There are provably fair games in Fortune Jack Casino’s collection with over 1,500 titles. These are titles like HiLo, Plinko, Wheel, Thirteen, Diamond, and many more.

bitstarz casino logo

BitStarz Casino

One would hardly find any verifiable game on this platform. But the main reason we have included BitStarz Casino in our top is that this is one the most reputed platforms in the globe. It accepts both crypto and fiat money transactions. The site is home to a huge collection of top-class games and lucrative promotions.

mbit casino

mBit Casino

One more great option for a crypto punter is mBit Casino. One can gamble with Bitcoin Cash and BTC, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and USDT on the platform. Its game selection includes 1,000+ titles. The casino is also famed for its classy bonuses and VIP program.

7bit casino logo

7Bit Casino

The site was reconstructed in 2019. Since then, it has always attracted gamblers with its superb bonuses that include huge free spins packs for slot lovers. 7Bit casino accepts crypto payments, and it has a collection of titles that can be checked with a verifier and represents a modern, convenient platform that merits crypto punters’ attention.

bitcoinpenguin casino

BitcoinPenguin Casino

The site has been in service since 2015. It belongs to the most secure crypto platforms that offer 100% anonymity to their clients. BitcoinPenguin Casino accepts Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. The site has both provably fair and standard games.

Provably fair technology is still in the process of development. Many experts claim, however, that it is laying the basis for online casinos of the future right now. Today’s players have not only received a great opportunity to gamble anonymously from whatever place but also an effective instrument of checking the fairness of their chosen sites and particular titles.  

We expect further development of provably fair algorithms so that common gamblers can have more options for checking and controlling their hands in casino titles. However, the mere appearance of such an option is a great step to making online casinos transparent and each punter’s gaming experience fair.