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Responsible gambling

ZeroEdge strives to provide customers only with positive feelings in betting on the outcomes of the sports events and casino games. We offer a variety of security options in order to ensure that our customers would not be exposed to the potential negative consequences of gambling. ZeroEdge provides its customers with a possibility to move away from the sports betting temporarily, to limit amounts of the bets and provide all the information and help to the gambling-addicted people.

Gambling is a pastime which may give the gamblers not only positive but also negative emotions. Failures in gambling affect not only the player but also his/her family and friends. The player should not risk his family and their well-being because of gambling. ZeroEdge particularly cares about its customers and informs them about responsible gambling.

Underage betting

ZeroEdge addresses the problem of involvement in betting of the minors very seriously. ZeroEdge understands and takes responsibility for the prevention of such activities. The company prohibits betting for persons who are younger than 18 years old. This is emphasized in ZeroEdge Betting Rules and Regulations.

Self control

The most important part of our business is our customers. We are aware that the majority of the customers do their bets within the limits set; however, some players may have difficulties. ZeroEdge aims to help its customers to manage their gambling habits, so we recommend following these rules especially:

  • Gambling is a pastime, so it should not be seen as a way to become rich
  • Trying to regain the lost money with more bets is a very dangerous way to gamble.
  • You should gamble only for money which you can afford to lose.
  • While gambling follow the time spent and the amounts of money which you spend for gambling.
  • If the customer feels the need, we provide our customers with the possibility to move away from gambling temporarily.
  • You should contact the nearest organization which offers help for gambling-addicts, if you feel that you have problems with gambling.

Do you have a Gambling Problem?

You should be worried if:

  • You feel emptiness of loss if you are unable to gamble.
  • You are gambling more and more in order to regain the money lost or to cover your financial losses.
  • You think that you will gamble less as soon as you win more money.
  • In order to receive more money for gambling, you borrow money, sell your belongings or are involved or plan to be involved in criminal activities.
  • You feel guilty when gambling.
  • You are criticized by others because of your passion to gamble.
  • Because of gambling you do not cover your loans and do not pay the taxes.
  • You feel the need to gamble for more money instead of feeling pleasure with small stakes.
  • You feel elated if you win and if you lose you experience a severe downturn.
  • You gamble in order to prevent personal problems, to avoid frustration, depression, anger and other negative emotions.
  • Because of gambling you ignore your personal needs such as food, personal hygiene, sleep and the like.
  • You are always planning your holidays in a place where you will be able to gamble.
  • In your daily affairs you are rather nervous and not so patient anymore.
  • You are always planning your holidays in a place where you will be able to gamble.
  • For gambling you spend more money than you can afford.
  • For gambling you spend more time than you can afford.
  • You feel difficulties to stop gambling. If you try to stop, you feel irritated.
  • You dispute with your family and the loved ones about gambling.
  • You are hiding your accounts and the debt notes from your family and the loved ones.
  • Instead of participating in your family‚Äôs social events and activities you are gambling.
  • Because of gambling you pass over your home and family and do not fulfil your obligations in a family.
  • Because of gambling you forget your studies or work.

As long as gambling has not become your pathological addiction which can be treated only by physicians and professional psychologists, you should take thought if any of the named features are worrying for you.

We recommend you to fill in a special request for not allowing gambling Gaming Control Authority (GCA) if you feel that you need to stop gambling but you cannot do it. This request will be forwarded to all gambling operators who would deny you access to the premises where gambling is taking place.