Best Ripple Casino Sites: Guide to Gambling

Ripple is a relatively new cryptocurrency that is rapidly being introduced into modern online casinos. Low volatility, stable exchange rate are the main features of the token. Gamblers prefer Ripple platforms for free transactions, instant deposits and withdrawals.

Best Ripple Casinos

Look at some Ripple casino representatives with a description of their features. Using the following list, it is easy to pick one platform that would match your needs and bring the best gambling experience.

(31 ratings)
Casino4u operates since 2020. 2,400+ casino games. Excellent support
(25 ratings)
CasinoChan operates since 2015. 2000+ casino games. Excellent support.
FastPay Casino
(34 ratings)
7bit operates since 2018. 6900+ casino games. Excellent support

Ripple Casino Bonus System

This section provides basic information about bonuses at Ripple casinos. It is worth saying right away that they do not differ significantly from those on other online platforms.

First of all, they are all divided into two large groups, depending on the need to deposit funds into accounts. Many platforms offer bonuses just for signing up to the service along with deposit bonuses to attract more gamblers. At the same time, other services provide additional funds for a certain number of deposits placed.

As for additional awards, it is worth noting the following.

Special bonuses

When the platform provides users with rewards dedicated to big holidays, B-days, etc.


When Ripple online platforms organize tournaments with valuable prizes.


When crypto casino pays back a percentage of the deposit or the whole number of bets lost.

Referral reward

When gamblers get a percentage on the deposit of invited casino members.

When gamblers get a percentage on the deposit of invited casino members.

Check the Bitcoin Gambling Guide to get more info about bonuses available on BTC platforms.

Ripple Casino Free Spins

Free spins are the most common type of bonus that can be offered on Ripple casino sites separately or as part of other rewards.

free spins casino

In the first case, players can get free spins, for example, for collecting 3 or more special scatter symbols, while playing a slot game. The more symbols they collect, the more FS players receive. In order to use free spins, players do not need to spend money from their accounts.

Speaking about the second case, gambling portals give these rewards when players deposit a certain amount on their accounts. Additionally, crypto casinos can offer FS as a bonus to cashback, reaching a new level of the VIP program, winning a place in a tournament, and so on.

Ripple Casino Game Selection

As it was stated above, Ripple casino sites differ a little from regular online gambling platforms. See more in the Bitcoin Cash Gambling and Games guide.

This also applies to Ripple sic games that are available at these crypto casinos. Below are the main types of entertainment gamblers may enjoy at Ripple casinos with a brief description.


Blackjack is a popular casino game that requires both skill and attention from gamblers, even when playing online.

blackjack game

As in most card games, while playing Ripple blackjack, gamblers need to collect a certain combination of cards in order to beat the dealer. This can be done in two ways: collect a specific number of points (21) and automatically win, or collect a combination close to 21 points. It is important not to collect more than 21. Rules may vary since there are many variants live Ripple blackjack can offer.


There are many variations of Ripple dice games (for example, craps game). A few of them is always allowed in all Ripple casinos and other crypto portals (check the Dash Gambling and Games review).

The popularity of Ripple dice games can be explained by the fact that players do not need to have specific skills in order to win. Instead, they rely on luck. Plus, game rounds pass quickly, which is reflected in the high involvement in this entertainment.

During the game, players throw dice (or a die, depending on the type of entertainment) on the game table. Bets can be placed on a certain combination that will fall out, number of points, specific table sector dice hit, and so on.


In terms of popularity, the lottery ranks third after slots and card games in any Ripple casino. Before the game starts, players fill in the cells with numbers (as in the case of scratch cards in a land-based casino) that they think can be winning. After that, the system automatically compares those combinations with the ones obtained after balls dropped out from the drum.


Probably, no online gambling platform can be complete without several poker rooms, and Ripple casino sites are not an exception.

As a rule, gamblers may try several variations of the popular game. A lot of online platforms provide an opportunity to play not only with other gamblers but also with live dealers. This significantly increases the involvement and improves the game experience.

Despite the large selection of poker variations, the main goal is to collect a stronger combination compared to opponents. The winnings will be counted if players refuse to continue the game (for example, due to bluffing).

Poker is also a popular game on other crypto gambling platforms. Follow the Litecoin Gambling and Games review to check it in detail.


Ripple roulette games are another casino entertainment that does not require special skills and are popular on various crypto platforms (read more in Dogecoin Gambling and Games review). All players place bets on a certain number, color, or sector of the playing field.

As in the case of dice, a roulette game round passes quickly, which affects the overall impression of this entertainment and boosts the game experience. There are many variations of the roulette game (European, American, French), which may differ in the number of zero pockets, the required set of chips, and so on.

Betting on Sports with Ripple

Players of Ripple casinos have access to the same sports betting options as users of other online bookmaker services. In addition, they can fully evaluate the possibilities of Ripple live betting on popular tournaments (including esports), choose among a large number of championships, and switch between traditional and exotic sports.

Ripple gambling portals come with a wide range of markets, so that all bettors can pick up odd types that can match their needs.

Ripple Exchanges & Wallets

In the section below, there is information about the most optimized and widely used XRP exchanges and wallets. Scroll down to pick up the one that would fit your requirements.

Cold Wallets

A cold wallet is a special physical device that allows storing cryptocurrency offline. Speaking about cold wallets, it is worth noting a Trezor Model T. This multilingual open-source device allows users to conduct transactions with one tap on the touch screen. The wallet supports USB-type C and has a micro-SD card slot.

Mobile, Desktop and Web-Based Wallets

Another type is hot wallets, which are currently available for most mobile and PS operational systems. Below, there are 2 key representatives from this niche: Jaxx and Exodus.


It is a cross-platform wallet supported by Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, and iOS operational systems. Initially, Jaxx was designed to conduct transactions with Ethereum, and then it was adapted to XRP.

The distinguishing feature of the wallet is that the user does not need to register or log in to their accounts in order to send or receive XRP.


This is another e-wallet that allows users to store, receive or send XRP tokens via PC or mobile devices. Exodus does not require registration. However, the system comes with simplified payment verification. Unlike the previous option, Exodus offers several ways to restore data in case of loss, including email and passphrase restoration.

Ripple is a relatively new digital money on the crypto market. In addition, it is a pretty ambiguous cryptocurrency, which is more volatile and unstable than Bitcoin or Ethereum. At the same time, the number of platforms that accept this cryptocurrency is increasing. This indirectly indicates a positive trend. It is likely that in the future, the number of casinos and bookmaker portals that not only accept XRP but also work exclusively with this crypto will increase significantly.