Guide to USD Coin Gambling: Best USD Coin Casinos

It is no wonder that USD Coin has become a popular way to make deposits and play casino games. Along with the Bitcoin (read our Bitcoin Gambling Guide), this crypto asset is a well-spread way to play the games. The USD Coin combines two valuable features for gamblers: you can perform anonymous betting and exchange fiat money into crypto with ease on the platform.

That is why we have listed all the best USD Coin casinos in one guide.

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Among all the cryptos with the word “coin” in the name, USD Coin has a number of peculiarities. Also known as the USDC, it is a so-called stable coin on the Coinbase platform.

Stablecoin means that the exchange rate of the crypto will always be equal to one US dollar. It is possible due to the number of fiat assets on the company’s accounts. These accounts are checked by independent financial regulators.

Best USD Coin Casinos

Here, you will find a list of USD Coin casino sites with the best rating. We have gathered gaming platforms with the best choice of games, bonuses, and security. Of course, we picked the USD Coin sites with both traditional casino delights and provably fair games.

In fact, we have survived the full-fledged user’s experience, including customer support checks, available banking methods, along with the clear acceptance of the USD coin and the expertise of the essential casino terms, with each casino in the list. Therefore, it is better to pick something here and save hours of time.

USD Coin Casino Bonuses

Along with the Litecoin Gambling and Games, USD Coin bonus choice is broad in the casinos. With a special wallet, you can hope for both deposit and non-deposit bonuses. Deposit offers usually include welcome bonuses, deposit match multipliers, free spins, and bonus game tries.

Non-deposit USD Coin boosters typically imply participation in the loyalty or VIP programs and different jackpots. Modern online casinos diversify fiat and crypto bonuses, so that you can count on exclusive offers. Like the card or wallet money, USD cryptocurrency implies deposit caps. For instance, in one casino, you can get 314725 and 70 free spins maximally.

USD Coin Casino Games

Today’s online casinos that accept crypto assets can diversify their games. On the one hand, you can expect different variants live and simulators of traditional casino games. On the other hand, you can concentrate on so-called provably USD Coin fair games. They are built on the blockchain platform, with cryptocurrencies easily integrated.

These USD Coin casinos provide a high level of transparency (the results can be checked), casino gameplay features, and various kinds of coin betting.


This card game does not differ from its traditional analogs or variants live streams provide. The usual blackjack rules are applied: you need to get the sum of points maximally close to 21, but not bigger than that. At the same time, in the USD Coin blackjack game, you need to get more points than a dealer. USD Coin blackjack variants can differ in rules (additional betting chances) and platform design.

USD blackjack


The classic USD Coin roulette games can be put on the blockchain platform. In general, there are two main variants of the roulette game – American and European. The main differences are an additional zero sector and a slightly altered betting pool.

The rules are simple: you make a prediction of the position of the ball on the wheel. The more exact prediction ensured higher odds and winnings. In the USD Coin game, you can bet on the color, a position on one-half, one-third, or on the exact sector on the wheel. Also, you can make multiple bets with a kind of crypto coin.

USD roulette game


The USD Coin poker can be both a video poker slot machine or a poker room. In the slot machine, you need to get a particular combination of cards. You have one attempt to change the number of cards. Each combo has its value. Some USD Coin poker variants do not accept low pair combinations and give better winnings for maximal combos.

On the other hand, USD Coin can be used in poker rooms. Here, you have to play against other gamblers. Your task is to get the biggest combination on the table. Depending on the rules, you get two initial cards and five cards on a table without the ability to change them or a pool of changeable cards.


It is also known as the French variant of Blackjack. Baccarat rules are the same: you need to get the maximum number of points without exceeding a particular number of points. Your main competitor is the banker. USD Coin lets you play the live variants of the game and its virtual simulators.


USD Coin dice games can vary. It can be traditional craps. This kind of live dice game is similar to roulette: you have to predict the number of points on one die or more. If you manage to get 7 or 12 points, all your bet loses. In different casinos, the rules of the live dice games differ. As for the crypto coin games, you can face the simple prediction and 50/50 chance games (odds or evens).


Along with the card games, slots can be easily transferred to the blockchain platform. They can be played with USD Coin as well. Slots are the games that are regulated with the random number generator. The main trick in a USD Coin slot is to gather a combination of similar symbols. Slots can differ in the number of reels, symbols, and bonus features.

slot game

Betting with USD Coin

Betting with USD Coin is also available. In the majority of casinos, you can try out betting in virtual sports – the simulators of races and matches with the same betting lines. Some global casinos are conjoined with the betting platforms. They accept multiple cryptocurrency coins, including USD Coin. So, you can experience real betting, choosing the sport kind and a league.

Along with the traditional games, you can expect USD Coin casinos to have some exclusive games. For instance, Dash gambling is a popular sphere. In these games, you need to predict the multiplier. It will grow and crash instantly, and your win comes if you manage to cash out before the crash. These are exclusively blockchain and crypto coin games, with random crash times for each multiplier.

USD Coin Exchanges & Wallets

The main difficulty of using cryptocurrencies is the choice of the proper exchange platform and a wallet. When it comes to USD Coin, the choice of the exchange platform is pretty clear, as it is Coinbase. However, you can use the other popular stocks, like Binance or Kraken. Coinbase is easier for the cryptocurrency newbies, though.

USD Coin wallets differ innately. They can take the form of a user’s account (the Coinbase grants the option), a mobile application, desktop software, or offline storage. You can choose the best cryptocurrency wallet up to your needs and preferences. We recommend paying attention to the applications, as they ensure swift transactions. The principles of coin storage are the same for the majority of cryptocurrencies.

That is what you can expect if you pick USD Coin to play in the online casino. The token does not limit you to anything. On the contrary, it provides you with exclusive games and promotions. USD Coin is a convenient way to play, as due to the exchange rate, you can count your profit from games and promotions easily. Now you are free to enjoy the list of the best USD Coin casinos we have prepared.